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    Welcome to k-planet host. Reliable web hosting solutions at lower prices.
  • ResellerHosting
    Our own reseller packages is Ideal for small unincorporated businesses.
  • VPSServers
    The OpenVZ is software-based virtualization for Linux.
  • WHMSonic Streaming
    If you want people to hear what you have to say, the on-line radio is the fastest, most convenient way to do this.
  • WHMSonic Reseller
    Our Shoutcast Servers offer fast installation and no setup fees.
  • CentovaStreaming
    Our Shoutcast Servers offer fast installation and no setup fees.
  • Centova Reseller
    Our Shoutcast Servers offer fast installation and no setup fees.
    Our Shoutcast Servers offer fast installation and no setup fees.
    Connect visitors to your websites and applications with the fastest, most secure and reliable DNS serviceS.
    The fee is paid for recurring income, not only pay once! No need to provide technical support, k-planet supports end users directly.


This software is provided on all our hosting packages. With this powerful option, you have full control of your website!

Site Performance

Providing latest versions php, apache, varnish, nginx for file cashing, your site will fly.

Great Support

The support of our company is available 24/7, or support request by phone.

Whmsonic streaming

If you want people to hear what you have to say, on-line radio is the fastest, most accessible way to do that, and k-planet host offers the most professional solution to achieve your goal. SHOUTcast servers are the answer if you are looking for a solid, professional on-line radio station that provides great reliability and security for accessible prices.

The SHOUTcast protocol was designed to support Internet audio broadcasting. How does that work? The DJ sends audio data from his personal computer to a central SHOUTcast server that then turns around and streams it out to any connected listeners.

Our SHOUTcast Server Hosting plans offer fast setup and no setup fees! With your SHOUTcast internet radio server, you will be able to login to our web-based control panel. Free Auto DJ service enables you to upload and play music directly from our servers when no DJ is connected. With FTP access.


  • Basic WHMSonic Reseller

  • 10€

  • Listeners 200
  • Bandwidth 400 GB
  • Bitrate 128kbs
  • AutoDJ yes
  • Mp3 hosting 20G
  • Max Radios 10
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  • Starter WHMSonic Reseller

  • 20€

  • Listeners 400
  • Bandwidth 500 GB
  • Bitrate 128kbs
  • AutoDJ yes
  • Mp3 hosting 40G
  • Max Radios 20
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  • Home WHMSonic Reseller

  • 30€

  • Listeners 600
  • Bandwidth 1TB
  • Bitrate 128kbs
  • AutoDJ yes
  • Mp3 hosting 60G
  • Max Radios 30
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  • Super WHMSonic Reseller

  • 40€

  • Listeners 800
  • Bandwidth 1TB
  • Bitrate 192kbs
  • AutoDJ yes
  • Mp3 hosting 80G
  • Max Radios 40
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  • Silver WHMSonic Reseller

  • 50€

  • Listeners 1200
  • Bandwidth 1.5TB
  • Bitrate 192kbs
  • AutoDJ yes
  • Mp3 hosting 100G
  • Max Radios 50
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  • Golden Radio GR

  • 25€

  • Listeners 600
  • Bandwidth 600 GB
  • Bitrate 192kbs
  • AutoDJ yes
  • Mp3 hosting 30G
  • Free Support yes
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  • Golden WHMSonic Reseller

  • 60€

  • Listeners 1500
  • Bandwidth 2TB
  • Bitrate 192kbs
  • AutoDJ yes
  • Mp3 hosting 150G
  • Max Radios 60
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  • Silver VPS GR

  • 40€

  • Disk Space 250 GB
  • Bandwidth 4TB
  • Memory 10GB
  • Burstable Ram 15GB
  • Ticket Support
  • Unmanaged
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  • Golden Reseller GR

  • 50€

  • Disk Space unlimited
  • Bandwidth unlimited
  • FTP accounts unlimited
  • POP3/SMTP Mails unlimited
  • MySQL unlimited
  • Domain Parking 1
  • Cpanel Accounts 50
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Reliable Servers

Reliable servers in Greek and German data center.

24/ 7 Customer Care

Customer Service 24/7 with support ticket requests, or by telephone

Search Engine Optimisation

Βελτιστοποίηση της σελίδας σας στις μηχανές αναζήτησης.

99.9% Up Time Guarantee

99.9% Up Time Guarantee on all of our servers.

Free 7 Days Trial

Trial period 7 days in our shoutcast hosting packages such as centova.

Daily Data Back Up

Daily, Weekly, monthly backups of our accounts.
  • "I had been using k-planet host for many years and I can say that your level of support is the best so far."Skuros Basilis
  • "Fantastic... and thanks for the help, really, I really appreciate the service and concern."ANASTASIA


All our web hosting plans are created to make your website faster, safer, and better supported than anywhere else. So you are free to focus on your business during normal days. Your data is safe with us!

Shared Hosting

Reliable hosting your website from 1.5eυroπερ month.

VPS Hosting

OpenVZ vps servers from 5 euros per month.

Reseller Hosting

All our reseller packages is Ideal for small companies.

Domains registration and DNS Hosting

Register Domain name, hosting dns, available to all customers.

Website Development

Web development, promotion in search engines.

Shoutcast, Video Streaming

Shoutcast hosting, WHSonic, Centova and radio resellers.



From 2007 continuous presence in hosting.

Customer Care 24/7

Customer Care 24/7.

Zero Risk Guaranteed

30 days money back guarantee.

Datacenter In Greece

Datacenter In Greece and German.


Cpanel/WHM on all of our hosting services.

Cloud VPS servers

All of our packages are activated in our cloud vps servers.

what our customer say

As a web hosting company, our goal is to provide innovative solutions that meet your changing needs. In accordance with the spirit and intent of our mission, we understand that long-term success of the k-planet host depends on large and strong relationships of our services with you.

k-planet host, hosting our website, having the same upgrade our site to joomla-enabled on-line booking. http://kristalliarooms.gr
Katerina Margaropilou
First in the hosting area so far, the best company ever in Greece http://skuros.eu
Skuros Basilis
k-planet host, with its long experience in the field has Setar all our machines successfully http://lionhost.gr
Lefteris Kosmas
We maintain our own vps, long ago in the k-planet host, with uptime 99%. http://filoumenos.com/forum
Xristos Aslanidis


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