Upcoming maintenance
  • Monday, March 14, 2022

Dear Sir or Madam,

we would like to inform you about an upcoming maintenance on your server.

The work on the server is necessary because we have to make mandatory changes to our data center infrastructure. We perform this maintenance to ensure continued safe operation of your dedicated server.

The following server systems are affected:

From sa350.saturn to sa553.saturn
From ju270.jupiter to ju296.jupiter
From ju440.jupiter to ju472.jupiter
From ve1010.venus to ve1621.venus

We will perform the maintenance in the period from 27.03.2022 to 31.03.2022 in the time from 22:00 (UTC+1) to 06:30 (UTC+1).

The maintenance on the mentioned servers is divided as follows.

27.03.2022: sa418.saturn to sa553.saturn
27.03.2022: ju270.jupiter to ju296.jupiter
27.03.2022: ju440.jupiter to ju472.jupiter

28.03.2022: ve1554.venus to ve1621.venus
28.03.2022: sa350.saturn to sa417.saturn
28.03.2022: ve1010.venus to ve1045.venus

29.03.2022: ve1046.venus to ve1206.venus
30.03.2022: ve1207.venus to ve1396.venus
31.03.2022: ve1397.venus to ve1553.venus

We would like to ask you to shut down your server before we start with the maintenance and leave it shut down until the end of the maintenance to avoid damage to your hardware and software.
After the Daily Maintenance has been completed, all systems are automatically switched on.

Furthermore, we recommend that you create external backups for this purpose.