Setting up a Paypal Monthly Subscription for your monthly payment

If you wish to stop receiving a monthly invoice which you wish to pay manually you can setup a Automatic monthly subscription from your Paypal account. This is similar to a Banks Direct Debit.

You will first need to contact  or submit a ticket using the billing system asking for your payment method to be changed from a Monthly Invoice to a Monthly Subscription through Paypal. We will then activate this for you. You will then need to closely follow these steps:

Login to our billing system here:

>> Go "My Hosting Packages" and select the package you wish to setup the subscription for by clicking "View Details"

>> You will see an overview of your account and at the bottom will be a "Pay Now" button, click this.

>> You will be forwarded to paypal where you can setup a Paypal Automatic Subscription for your account.

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