Do I need to upgrade MailScanner and the associated plugins myself? How do I do it?

MailScanner, MailScanner WHM and cPanel Front-End:

You can find out if there is an upgrade available in the WHM MailScanner Front-End. It will display an Upgrade button when a newer version of MailScanner or the MailScanner Front-End is available.

SpamAssassin and SpamAssassin Rules:

SpamAssassin will be upgraded automatically when necessary with cPanel updates. The SpamAssassin rules are updated automatically on a daily basis by a cron job running the /root/ script.


Virus definitions are automatically updated on an hourly basis by a cron job. The WHM MailScanner Front-End will have information about the version of clamav and an upgrade button if there is a new version.

These instructions only include the basic components of the MailScanner package. If you would like to have us check and upgrade all the plugins and features of the MailScanner package, contact us for information

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