What does the {Disarmed?} tag mean and can I disable it?

The {Disarmed} tag is added by MailScanner when it has detected and disarmed potentially dangerous HTML content in an email.

In the MailScanner Configuration (WHM > MailScanner > MailScanner Configuration) there are several settings that affect whether certain types of HTML tags should be allowed through in emails:

Allow IFrame Tags
Allow Form Tags
Allow Script Tags
Allow WebBugs
Allow Object Codebase Tags

You should read through the text in the MailScanner configuration file to decide whether you want to block, allow, or disarm each type of tag. If you wish to configure this on a per-domain basis, instead of yes, no or disarm you can put the name of a ruleset, such as %rules-dir%/webbugs.rules. (Be sure to include %rules-dir%/ so it knows where to look for the file.)

Create a file with that name (e.g. webbugs.rules) in the appropriate directory (normally /usr/mailscanner/etc/rules/). In that file you should have one or more lines like this:

To: *@domain1.com disarm
To: *@domain2.com disarm
FromOrTo: default yes

Here is the meaning of the values:
yes => Allow these tags to be in the message
no => Ban messages containing these tags
disarm => Allow these tags, but stop these tags from working

You need to include the default line to tell MailScanner what to do with the domains that you have not specified in the lines above. Obviously if you have more clients that want the tags disarmed than don't want them disarmed, you could do the reverse and have disarm as the default and yes as the exceptions.

If you simply want to remove the "Disarmed" notice in the subject line, go to WHM > ConfigServer MailScanner FE > MailScanner Configuration and search for "Disarmed Modify Subject". Change the value of this to no.

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