How can I get the MailScanner configuration to appear in the Xmail cPanel theme?

Do the following steps:

cd /usr/local/cpanel/base/frontend/xmail
ln -s ../x/cells/
pico -w index.html

In index.html, find the following lines near the bottom:



Add these lines before the end table (</table>) tag:

<font face="Courier New, mono">
<cpanelfeature cpanelpro_mailscanner><br>
<tr valign='middle'><br>
<td height='25' width='21'>
<img src='images/arrow-let.gif' width='14' height='10'>
<td height='25' width='354'>
<a href='cells/mailscanner/index.html'>MailScanner Configuration</a>

Then save the file.

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