How to integrate WHMsonic with WHMCS

1.) Please disable "security token require" option via WHM root >> Tweak Settings. Under the security options.

We have the following new module file and patch update. It is working fine and it is tested with many servers.

Please read the following instructions fully to configure your module and update.

Please login to the root SSH and run the following command to patch your software, then please read the following instructions to patch your module and configure it.

cd /root/; wget; chmod +x; ./

- New WHMCS module
- New graphical statistics
- Hourly listeners reports
- Yearly listeners reports
- Daily listeners reports
- Monthly listeners reports
- New bandwidth system
- Monthly & yearly bandwidth reports
- Bandwidth reports with graphical stats
- WHMSonic settings: (WHMSonic root left menu new link)
- You can now start your radios automatically on server reboots
- You can suspend radios if they exceed their limit automatically
- You can clear the log files, it is very useful for HDD space, it wont affect whmsonic statistics. WHMSonic no more care about .log files :)
- Search by port option enabled on all servers

Bug Fixes:
- no more fatal errors on statistics
- player script generator issue fixed
- automatic port conflict issue fixed
You just need to upgrade your WHMSonic WHMCS module, please read the following and watch the video. The video is not officially recorded, but it will simply show you how to configure it. We will release a new how to video tutorial soon with new website.

- Delete your all WHMSonic servers from WHMCS servers setting and create a new.

You need to configure your packages, I strongly recommend you to delete all WHMSonic packages and re-create them as the following video shows, because most of the settings are changed.

Download & Upload:
Please download the following module file, whmsonic.php and upload it to your WHMCS >> modules >> servers folder >> whmsonic folder via FTP.

What should I know ?
In this new module, WHMSonic no longer create cpanel accounts. It creates only radios for internal and external as standalone.

How it works ?
- It can create directly external radio without any requirement.
- It can create a radio for the existing cpanel user.

You must create separate radio packages, internal and external. According to this configuration, you will need to update your website for the order links and the information must be provided to the visitor(customer) on the website before order, example; the following link is for a new external radio clients who donot have cpanel account on the server, like that.

Custom field for internal package:

The clients which are existing on the server may order radio services, you must create a custom field for each internal radio package in the WHMCS as shown in the video, field name must be the same as "cpanel username".


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