Linux KVM VPS Hosting

Superior Level Customised KVM VPS Solutions

  • Full virtualization solutions
  • Linux-Based Technology
  • Hardware Virtualization Support
  • Live Migration
  • Snapshotting
  • Resource Allocation
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Set up your VPS in 2 easy steps

VPS Silver KVM Virtualizor

Start at

    Disk space 250 GB Bandwidth 5TB Memory 8GB CPU UNITS 4 Unmanaged Ticket Support Unmanaged Free Support yes
VPS Basic KVM Virtualizor

Start at

    Disk Usage 20 GB Bandwidth 1TB Memory 512MB Burstable Ram 1GB CPU UNITS 2 Ticket Support Unmanaged Free Support yes
VPS Premier KVM Virtualizor

Start at

    Disk Space 50 GB Bandwidth 1TB Memory 768MB Burstable Ram 1.5GB CPU UNITS 2 Unmanaged
VPS Starter KVM Virtualizor

Start at

    Disk Space 70 GB Bandwidth 2TB Memory 2GB Burstable Ram 3GB CPU UNITS 4 Unmanaged
VPS Home KVM Virtualizor

Start at

    Disk Space 100 GB Bandwidth 4TB Memory 3GB Burstable Ram 6GB CPU UNITS 4 Unmanaged
VPS Super KVM Virtualizor

Start at

    Disk space 150 GB Bandwidth 4TB Memory 6GB Burstable Ram 10GB CPU UNITS 4 Unmanaged Ticket Support Unmanaged Free Support yes


Innovative Control Panel

We provide root access to your virtual machine, so you can modify it to meet your requirements. You can install any software, get new hardware, configure network settings, and modify the kernel.

Supports Various Operating Systems

KVM supports an extensive range of operating systems, including various Linux distributions, Windows OS, and various Unix variants, which allows for flexibility in the applications that can be run on a virtual machine.


Versatile KVM Hosting Plans

Our KVM VPS hosting plans are designed to meet the requirements of businesses of all sizes. With the help of our KVM plans, you can scale the business up or down as needed. We also offer 24/7 customer support and a 99.99% uptime guarantee, so you can be confident that your hosting solution will always be up and running when needed.


Requires Minimum Configuration

While KVM is a powerful virtualization technology, it still requires few resources to operate properly. We look at the needs and requirements of the business and ensure to come up with a minimum KVM configuration setup. In general, the below-mentioned resources are required for the easy operation of the KVM technology:

  • Processor: At least a dual-core CPU, preferably quad-core or higher, to ensure smooth performance.
  • Memory (RAM): At least 1 GB of RAM, but it is recommended to have 2 GB or more for optimal performance.
  • Storage: At least 20 GB of disk space, but it is recommended to have 50 GB or more for storing files and data.
  • Bandwidth: At least 1 TB of bandwidth per month can vary depending on the server's traffic.

Get Support

We are available 24/7 to help you with your queries

Our servers include semi-managed support related to:

Flexible Volumes
  • Boot, Login, Investigating Network/Hardware related issues
  • Initial module installation and basic firewall setup
  • Setup and re-installation of KVM VPS
  • Core OS Updates & Patches
  • Reverse DNS Setup


DDOS Protection

Our advanced DDOS protection ensures that your VPS is protected against any attacks.

State-of-the-art Infrastructure

All VPS servers are powered by trusted infrastructure to keep them up and running:

Closter Themes

Private Networking

Setup your own network instantly in a few clicks.



Optionally, you can install & integrate WHMCS with your VPS Server seamlessly.

VNC Access

VNC allows you quick access to your VPS for easy management.

Full Root Access

With full root access, you get complete control to manage your server resources.

Server Management

You can Start, Stop, Restart, Rebuild your VPS from the Server Management Panel.


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Nora M, Digital Agency

I chose you because you create added value over the price offered by other hosting companies. it's been a great experience for me. I'm leaving happy. Thank you.


Lakis S, Business Owner

brings a lot to the table – from fantastic pricing to a wide range of server locations and the depth of plan types to grow into.


Aris Sideris, Model Agency

Lionhost is a good choice for those who are looking an easy one-stop hosting solution.Ideal for agencies and fast-growing businesses that need extra flexibility and scalability.


Giorgos P, Web Developer

The best thing about Lionhost, for me, was its excellent server performance. Plus, Lionhost is easy to use and there are a lot of tools already in place.